How to make money online in Pakistan

How to make money online in Pakistan

Here is a live interview with a village boy name Ali Raza who lives a few miles away from my city and earning more than $300 a month.

You might think that $300 is not that big amount that Ali Raza is earning a month. But in Pakistan, where the salary of an average person is 10,000 per month, $300 is really a sufficient amount for a starter. He is doing hard work and his youtube channel and website will be growing day by day.

In Pakistan, a master’s degree holder starts his private teaching less than 10,000. You can verify my start by visiting some of the private schools and some teachers as well.

As an ordinary thought, his parents were asking him to start a job after completing his DAE course but he was not aimed to become a jobholder. He was motivated to start a business instead. He just started his career on youtube with a cheap Samsung Mobile.

From Where He Started

He made a youtube channel and built a website. The niche of his website is on tech. He Uses to post some technical news and problem-solving tutorials on his website.

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At the start he did not earn a single penny from the internet because his Youtube channel was not monetized his website did not have ads. But he never lost hope and kept writing the articles and making the videos. He knew how to make money online in Pakistan.

After a continuous hard work on his youtube channel and website, he is now able to withdraw a sum of $300 every month.

Watch the video below of Ali Raza’s interview in the Urdu language

If he can earn from youtube and website, you can also do the same. Even, there are many other online earning sources where you can do some work and can get paid enough to meet your desires.

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You just need one thing to start and that is “An Action”. Take an action right now if you are very serious to earn money online.

The below is the list of some online works where you don’t need to pay a single penny ( No Cash Required) at all.

  1. Start Youtube Channel
  2. Start A Blog On Blogger
  3. Start Freelancing
  4. Start Affiliate Marketing
  5. Start CPA Marketing

You just need an active internet connection and a PC. You can also get started with your smartphone only.

You can start all the above methods for free and can use social media to get initial traffic. when you see some growth then you can spend some money to grow it fast by placing the ads on Google or Facebook or can keep trying with the free social media traffic.




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