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How I went from 18k to 300k Per Month | Success Story

When I was thinking to left my job in 2017, I was earning a monthly salary of 18000 rupees only. All my friends and loved ones bashed my decision and called me a fool for making this decision. Maybe they were not seeing what I was seeing at that moment. Sadly, our society has established a norm that only the wealthiest and experienced people can start a business. But, what I believe is that even if you have no money or experience but have the required passion to become successful, you can do better than rich and experienced people.

Here I am sharing my success story with all my beloved readers.

My Name is Muhammad Usman, known as Usman Ali over the web. I was an ordinary village guy who knew nothing about making money online. I also had zero knowledge on how we can start business with low investment. I didn’t have any cash on me either. All I had was the passion to succeed, the passion no one could beat. Here is a short summary of the ups and downs I went through in my life. Compare it with your life and act accordingly. Success will follow You

My Offline Business

Ignoring all the criticism, I left my job and started searching for some suitable business opportunities. One day when I was in a market, I looked at a stall selling pre-loved clothes. There was a small white suzuki bolan that had buyers all around it. Where everyone was busy finding their sized clothes, I was standing on the side thinking if they can, what’s stopping me? I waited quietly on the side for everyone to go so that I could talk to the seller. When all the buyers left, I approached the seller and asked if he would give me a discounted rate if I buy pieces in bulk. He agreed and the total bill at that time was 5800 rupees. When I checked my pockets, I only had 4000 rupees.

Now imagine what business can you start with only 5800 rupees? As I earlier said, you don’t need a lot of money to start your business, you only need the right amount of passion for it. Anyways, I was still 1800 rupees short and had to arrange the remaining money somehow. This is where a friend of mine came to help and borrowed me 1800 rupees. As a result, I was able to buy the clothes. Once I had the clothes, I wasted no time and started selling them.

When you work hard, Almighty helps you too. I started selling more pieces each day and added more products to my business over time. Then I added a friend of mine and some other team members. To this day, we are still growing together. Now, as we talk, we are a team of over 10 people, we have our own stitching unit, and we are providing job opportunities to many more people as well.

My Online Business

There is a lot of fraud in the online world, once that you encounter fraud or scam, you give up. Not only this, you never think of going online for any purchase of business ever again. As a result, you take yourself off the opportunity to make millions through the online market.  Actually, there are many legit ways to earn online, you can make a lot of money only by working there, I will share the list below. Moving forward with my existing cloth business, I started earning online through freelancing too.

In freelancing, you provide your services to your clients and they pay you in return. I started with Fiverr, in beginning I provided services that were easy to learn and easy to provide. Besides that, I learned to make a website on WordPress and started offering this service on Fiverr as well. On Fiverr, you can start giving services for anything from $5 to thousands.

Following is the list of some Freelance websites to start your career as a freelancer.


The details of above terms will be added in this article very soon.

Fiverr is a website where you can get foreign clients, work for them and earn a lot of money. There are other freelance websites besides Fiverr where you can sell your services. I registered on many other such websites and started making money there as well. Here is the list of top freelance websites:

Now that I spend more time looking after my clothing business, I still try and earn as much as I can from freelancing whenever I can. That makes me some good side money.

You can go on to my Youtube channel and watch free videos on how you can earn online through freelancing. You can learn many skills on my Youtube channel and start your own freelance career. And, if you like my free videos, you can enroll in our paid course as well which will help you be a master of the freelance field.

My Youtube Work:

I made my Youtube channel back in 2015 but I didn’t know how to work there. While establishing my business, I started learning more and more ways to earn online. And, with time, I learned a lot of it. In 2017, I started uploading videos on my Youtube Channel.

I have had this habit from day one that whatever I learn, I teach it to others. This habit does not only serve humanity but it also polishes your skills.

Furthermore, whatever I learnt online, be it a skill, or a business idea, I kept sharing and teaching it with others on Youtube. Online or offline, whatever methods I applied on myself, or whatever methods I made sure were legit and helpful, I shared with my community. I tried my best to facilitate ordinary people like me so that they don’t have to struggle as hard as I had to.

Time passed and I gained popularity and more and more people started following and loving me. Not only do I get customers from Youtube for my offline business but I also make over $200+ every month through the Adsense program. Google started showing ads with my videos and I started making more money. The good thing about youtube is that once you establish it, your income will only increase with time.

My Website Business:

In 2018, I started making my own websites. I give the same importance to the website as you would give to your plot or any property. Your website is an asset just like your physical property, and if it starts growing, it can make you an owner of thousands of such physical properties.

I made many websites back then, I used to get free domains from Freenom and make free websites on blogger which is google’s platform where you can build free websites. Then I used to approve Adsense on those websites which used to be very easy. But, I didn’t know how valuable those websites were so I used to giveaway those websites to local or foreign clients for only $20-30. I made over $2000 through this method at least. Today also you can monetize your websites through Google Adsense or many other ways and start making a lot of money.

Some of the ways to monetize your website are:

  • Google Adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • CPA marketing
  • E-Commerce
  • Custom advertisement on your website
  • PPC mehtods from some other sites like taboola etc
  • Services based website to get local clients for your business

The details of above terms will be added in this article very soon.

If you also want to make a website or learn this complete website setup, you can do so by selecting the desired option in our home page.

Final words

Starting your own business is a big thing, you don’t have to answer anyone. You are your own boss and you have full freedom to make all the decisions and grow as big as you want. If you do a job, you work for a minimum of 8 hours a day for your company, some people bring their office work to home as well. In comparison, in your business, you can provide jobs to others, be a source of employment. If one project gives you 30k per month, you can hire someone else to do it and pay them half the money. You can start many such projects. As a result, you will not only make a lot of money by only overseeing businesses but also provide job opportunities to many other people. Whereas, in a job, you can not even think of helping anyone else.

Now, if anyone offers me a job worth 100k a month or even more, I will not think twice before rejecting the offer. No matter how big the salary, a job can never compete with your own business. In beginning, you might make lesser money. But, you are building something of your own, and all your effort is not going in vain. With hard work and passion, you will not only increase your income but also your business will grow over time resulting in more income. And, the best thing, all your effort will result in your own growth, not in some company’s growth. A company that cares very little about their employees who are the real pillars of their success.

Honest Disclaimer: Like in any business, there are ups and downs in online businesses as well. Treat it like any other traditional business. Good and bad days are part of business. Sometimes I make more money than I expect and at times I also fail to achieve my monthly targets. But, nevertheless, the average sum of my earnings are always satisfactory. A good business can give you a very good life.



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