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How To Start Tea Business From Home

start tea business from home

How To Start Tea Business From Home

Almost everyone loves to take tea.Tea business is one of the most profitable and low investment business. You are probably here to find out how to start tea business from home right?

Let’s start with an inspirational real story of Mr. Robin Jha. Robin Jha is a successful Indian tea seller who has a successful tea business in many of the Indian cities. He is earning a net profit of 5 Million INR from his tea business. He had done his Chartered Accountancy and rather than started a job he preferred to start his own business.

At the start he was confused about what business he should start. One day he was sitting with his friend in the backyard of an office building. As they were talking randomly, he noticed that some of the workers came out of the building and sat near him, One of them called the watchman and ordered him to bring 3 cups of tea.

Robin Jha was amazed to see that they came there just to take a cup of tea. An idea rang in his mind about the tea business. He thought to start his own tea business. He started his tea company named TPot and now his TPot business is successful and he is earning 5 million INR per month.

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If he can do, You can too. You can too start your own tea business with the comfort of your home. Actually this business runs well in the market, bus stops or other public places but you can also start tea business from home. Here is a trick. To start the tea business from your home you can use Facebook advertisements.

You just need to arrange a rider, your rider will also act like your tea marketer. You can target your city area to show facebook ads and spread some brochures about home and office delivery of tea. In this way, you will get orders from different areas of the city and then you can make and dispatch the tea with the help of your rider.

You can charge some extra money as a delivery charge. If you introduced a good taste then your business can grow faster than your thinking.

Let’s do some stats to show you how you can earn a good profit from your tea business.

1 Kg of milk produces 6 cups of tea.

so, 40 Kg milk will produce 240 cups of tea.

a tasty cup of tea usually sells in Rs.30/teacup

At the start, keep a target to sell teacups in a day. Lets’s tear this match into more pieces. If you deliver 12 hours a day then you would need to sell only 20 cups per hour that is not a hard job. A good brochure, Facebook and verbal advertisement can get you 20 clients per hour. if you are able to successfully sell 20 cups an hour then in 12 hours you will sell 240 of teacups.

Tea Business Profit Margin

Tea business has a great profit margin. It can generate more than 5 Million Rupees per month if done in right way. Below is a simple feasibility report of the tea business profit margin.

Total Sale:

240 teacups * Rs.30/teacup= 7200 (sale)

Total Expense:

40 Kg milk = 40 kg * 80/kg = Rs. 3200

Sugar + raw tea + other little expenses = 500 approximately/per day, per 240 cups

Rs. 3700 (expense in Total per day)

Net Profit:

7200-3700= Rs. 3500 ( Net Profit per day with 240 cups of tea)

If you don’t understand the calculations you can watch the video above or Here.

This is the whole process to start a successful tea business from home.



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