Invest with Usman Ali Support 

We are currently making monthly sales in excess of PKR 200,000 and have an upward trend irrespective of the overall market conditions. Our profits currently stand at 30% of the overall sales. We believe our potential has increased over time and there is room for more. But, to gain more footfalls in the market, we need investors that can work as our silent partners. This also gives you an opportunity to make good profits from your investment without having to work yourself..
  • We are offering 10% share out of our overall monthly profit on annual or monthly basis against an investment of every 1000,000 Pkr ( 10 Lakh or 1 Million)
  • The minimum duration of the investment will be 2 years.
  • The minimum amount of investment will be 200,000 (2% share in this case).
  • You will get a 10% of our overall profit each month.
  • The overall expected profit in 2 years will be more than 250,000 Pkr for each 1 Million Investment.
  • After the completion of the period of two years you will get your whole investment back.
  • You can claim your money back anytime before the 2 years agreement duration by giving at least 2 month notice period.
  • You will be a sleeping partner hence no involvement in the business will be entertained.
  • A legal agreement will be made between the parties and you will be liable for any legal action if the terms are not matched.
  • The investor will only enjoy their part in profits and will have no effect on their investment in case of a loss in business.
  • Your complete investment will be refunded even if GOD FORBID our business suffers any loss.
  • We will be liable to utilize investment in one or more than one businesses but the nature of business will be shared in advance and you will be taken in confidence.
  • Contact Us now if you have any query
  • You can send us Email or talk to us at Whatsapp for more discussion.
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