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A Basic To Pro
Affiliate Marketing


Week 1 - Introduction & Planning

• Mind Set
• Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
• Models of Affiliate marketing – Which on is best for you
• Difference between Affiliate Marketing and Amazon Affiliate Marketing
• How you get paid from these platforms
• What are refunds in Affiliate Marketing
• Planning and Organization
• Setting your goals

Week 2 - Tools and Apps

• Main hardware
• Main Platforms to advertise
• Main Affiliate Accounts
• Link approvals
• Auto responders
• How to find best/hot product to promote
• How to organize your routine in Google Calendar

WeeK 3 - Keyword Research

• What is keyword research and why it is important
• Best tools for keyword research
• How to do a proper keyword research
• What is KGR technique – How to Apply
• How much time needed to rank keywords in Google

Week 4 - Make Website / Blog

• What is domain and hosting
• Which hosting is good
• how to connect domain to hosting
• website setting ( themes,plugins home page, categories, post pages, sidebars etc)
• How to do very important initial steps to grow you website(Google analytics,sitemaps,indexing)
• how to write content for your website
• What are Ai Tools and how they will help you
• How To outsource content if you are unable to write

BONUS WEEK - Launch Jacking

• Here we'll discuss Launch Jacking and the working methods to get benefit from Professional Marketer's work.

Week 5 - Email Marketing

• What is email marketing
• Which is good platform to start for free
• how to get started with email marketing
• How to setup email opt-in forms and funnels

Week 6 - Getting traffic / SEO

Module-1 Free Traffic
• Free Traffic ( SEO , Social sharing)
• Blog commenting – Providing value to people
• How to do on page/Off page SEO for your website
• How to make back links
• How to write guest posts
Module-2 Paid Traffic
• How to contact website owners for your banners/ads)
• Paid Traffic (Google ads, face book ads, native ads)
• How to setup Google ads

Week 7 - Product / Soft Launch

• What is a product/soft launch (Introduction)
• Which product you should launch
• How to get ready/outsource your product/soft
• Where and how to sell your product/soft

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