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Affiliate Marketing Course 1.0

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What Will You Learn?

  • If you are here for a first-time, feel free to message us via WhatsApp at 0300-8081661.
  • ✅ Life-time course panel access
  • ✅ Life-time Whatsapp premium group support
  • ✅ Anydesk help when needed 
  • ✅ Zoom live group class when needed 
  • ✅ Personal support where needed, Alhamdulillah 
  • ✅ Some on-demand and necessary plugins and themes 

Course Content

Week 1 – Introduction & Planning

  • Starter
  • Mind-Set
  • Introduction
  • CTR, LEAD, Conversions
  • Models Of Affiliate Marketing
  • PPS and PPL
  • Affiliate Marketing&Amazon
  • Getting Paid and Refunds
  • Planning and Organizing
  • Goal Setting

Week 2 – Tools and Apps

WeeK 3 – Keyword Research

Week 4 – Website Setup & Posting


Week 5 – Getting Traffic / SEO

Recorded Live Sessions

Student Ratings & Reviews

Total 15 Ratings
15 Ratings
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6 months ago
Thanks for teaching
7 months ago
I'm on a journey to become a skilled blogger, eager to learn and dive into the world of writing reviews. Seeking guidance from experienced mentors.
7 months ago
1 year ago
Usman Ali Support is a great platform for everyone to learn quickly and accurately. I'm learning a lot and now I'm also going to get income from it. انشاءاللہ
1 year ago
Learning from someone who is supportive and cooperative can make a huge difference in the learning process, especially when starting from scratch.So
it's clear that the affiliate marketing course by Sir Usman has been a valuable learning experience for me.
aneela naveed
1 year ago
I recently enrolled in an affiliate marketing course at Usman Ali and am delighted. The system is well-structured and covers all the necessary topics in-depth. "Usman Ali Support is a top-notch website for online learning. The instructors are knowledgeable and provide clear explanations. The affiliate course is well-structured and offers in-depth knowledge on how to promote the website effectively. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to learn about affiliate marketing and how to promote products effectively. The course has exceeded my expectations, and I am confident it will do the same for others.
jazak ALLAH sir Usman. GOD bless you always
1 year ago
Allah pak ap ko sehat day ap bht ny acha course banya hai jis main asan say asan tr samjaya gya hai
1 year ago
اسلام علیکم میں ہوں ندیم عباس لودھراں شہر کے ایک چھوٹے سے گاؤں میں رہتا ہوں اور ایک چھوٹی سی جاب کرتا ہوں یو ٹیوب پر سرکے ویڈیو لیکچر دیکھتا تھا مجھے ان کے پڑھانے سمجھانے کا انداز بہت پسند آیا میں نے بھی خواہش کی کہ میں آن لائن کام سیکھو تو میں نے ویڈیو میں سے سر کا نمبر نکالا اور ان کو واٹس ایپ کیا یہ اور کہا مجھے ایک ویب سائٹ بنانی ہے تو سر نے مجھے سمجھایا کہ ہم آپ کو ویب سائٹ تو بنا دیں گے لیکن آپ خود ویب سائٹ بنانا سیکھیں تو سر نے مجھے اپنے کورس کے بارے میں بتایا تو میرے حالات نہ ہونے کے باوجود میں نے سر سے ایفلیٹ کا کورس خرید لیا اور روز اس پہ کام شروع کر دیا جب بھی کسی چیز میں مجھے مسئلہ آیا تو سر
تو سر ہر چیز اچھے طریقے سے سکھاتے ہیں . ماشاء اللہ بہت اچھے استاد ہیں. میری لائف کے بہت اچھے استاد ہیں. اب ماشاء اللہ مجھے ویب سائٹ بنانی. ان پیج ایس ای او. اف پیج ایس ای او. ارٹیکل لکھنا. اچھے کی وارڈ پر کام کرنا سیکھ گیا ہوں اور میری ویب سائٹ اچھے سے چل رہی ہے. سر عثمان صاحب بہت اچھے استاد ہیں. وہ بھائیوں کی طرح سمجھاتے ہیں. میں جہاں تک بھی کامیاب ہوکر جاؤں گا میں سر عثمان کو دعا کرتا رہوں گا
1 year ago
My name is Shahnaz Niazi and belongs to Karachi..It has been a year since I registered my self in this affiliate marketing course and found it the best one as it not only provides an amazing course but also makes a lot of people to earn under an excellent guidance of Usman Sir...
1 year ago
I am abdul Jabbar. I've taken this affiliate marketing course. I learned all about affiliate marketing with peace of mind. Your guidance in this video course was very detailed as a good professional instructor. I think after this course there is no need for more guidelines from any other source. welldone MR Usmal Ali Sb.
1 year ago
so nice
1 year ago
My name is Irfan Shafi from District Layyah Punjab Pakistan. I took an affiliate Marketing course about a year ago this month. The platform from which I have done the course is Usman Ali support. Just as support is named after him, he lives 100 percent in support of his students. may Allah bless them and their work more and more.
1 year ago
Asalamualikum, This is Areesh Malik. I am from Karachi city. I want to tell you about my story. I bought my affiliate course from Usman Sir 4 months ago, and I got busy in my life. After 1 month, I realized I should learn an affiliate course, so I contacted Sir Usman, who told me not to worry. It's a lifetime course for you. I will support you when you cannot understand this course. I am with you, and I will keep supporting you. His supporting, teaching, and encouraging style is so excellent. He is an outstanding teacher because he also gives time to all students in the group. Sir, now I have become my first website Alhamdullialh and traffic is coming to my website Alhamdulliah so now don't waste your precious time and contact Sir Usman and buy this affiliate course at very cheap rates and make your
self precious.
Thank You
1 year ago
“Assalamu alaikum” My name is Haseeb Ullah I belong to KPK
The Journey started in Nov 2021. With no knowledge about WordPress, Affiliate marketing, or any other technical kinds of stuff that are required for this field; however, with the help of Sir Usman course and guidelines given out during his course period I was able to start my first blog which has to go smoothly up until now thanks largely due mainly because he also taught us how to use WordPress software among other things too! And "Alhamdulillah" My Amazon Affiliate sales have also begun. And we are added to the private group when anyone has a problem, they get the answer from them.
Thanks, sir
My dear students are welcome to give feedback on the course. If you find some value in this course and are happy with the course and support we promised, leave your review to show your interest. We'll appreciate you.
We are always here to help you.

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