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Best Fiverr Gig Image Size To Get Orders Fast

Fiverr Gig Image Size / Fiverr Thumbnail Size

The answer of Fiverr Gig Image Size in one line is 550 x 370 ( Minimum). In other words, The dimensions of Fiverr Thumbnail size should be at least 550 pixels width and 370 pixels height.

But there is something more you need to know about the Fiverr Gig Photo Size. Fiverr Thumbnail is the first thing that buyer gets his eyeballs for after he searches for any category. It means if your Gig Thumbnail is appealing and eye-catching, your chances to get an order are high.

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Here, I will show a step-by-step guide to properly create the best Fiverr Gig Image or Fiverr Thumbnail size. 

Recommended Dimensions of Fiverr Gig Image Size:

The size of the Fiverr Gig Image should be accurate for a great visual. Fiverr declared the dimensions of the Fiverr thumbnail in its community forum as 550 x 370, and the minimum Fiverr gig image size should be up to 5 MB. 

Fiverr gig photo size
Perfect Fiverr Gig Image Size

Recommended Image Formats:

Recommended image formats for Fiverr thumbnail or Fiverr Image are Tiff, PNG, BMP and JPEG. The best one is to upload in PNG format because it provides high quality.

What Happens When You Choose A wrong Fiverr Gig Image Size

A wrong Fiverr Gig Image Size can damage the performance of your gig. You might think it’s good while making and uploading it, but it will harm your gig. If your image is too small or not optimised, it may cut words at the bottom or other sides, which is unsuitable for visitors.

Number Of Thumbnails in One Fiverr Gig:

You can add up to 3 images to your one Fiverr gig. Moreover, you can also add one video and one pdf to your gig.

[Important] Do Fiverr Image Quality Matters?

Of course. Everyone loves quality. After getting an impression, iThe more quality in your Fiverr image can attract more eyeballs to your Thumbnail. If your Fiverr Thumbnail has low pixel quality, everyone will ignore it, and the chances of getting clicks and orders will be dead almost.

Below is the top free Way To Make an Eye-Catching Fiverr Gig Image in few seconds.

How To Create Fiverr Gig Image with Accurate Size:

Canva is the best platform to create different kinds of media for free. It also has a pro plan, but the free one is the best if you are a new starter. 

  • Go to Canva
  • Make a free account by clicking on the signup button or sign in with your Google account.
  • go to “Create Button” on the left upper corner and put the dimensions 550 by 370, and hit the “Create New Design” button

Now the new window will open. Make your desired image with photos and words.

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After making Fiverr Image:

  • Click on the download button.
  • Choose “png” format.
  • Click on the download button again.

Your media will be downloaded to your download folder. Use the image for your gig.

Tips to Get More Order With Your Fiverr Image

As we said earlier, a Proper and optimized Fiverr image with the correct size/dimensions is the foremost thing to see when a buyer lands on the list of Fiverr sellers. The quality of your Gig Image, The Words you’ve written in the image, and the image you’ve chosen all play an essential role in getting the buyer’s attention. A perfect Gig Image will stand out of all other services, and the buyer is more probably to click on your service if he finds your gig appealing. Please try to follow the given rules to make a good Fiverr Image or Fiverr Thumbnail.

Use Quality Gig  Image:

Always use quality images while making the Fiverr image. A low-quality Fiverr Image can represent you as a non-professional seller and affect your Fiverr Gig Ranking.

Use Fewer Words (Write To The Point):

The second important thing is not to use too many words in your Fiverr Gig Image. 

  • Keep your text simple and precise
  • Use the right colors to increase readability.
  • Always use the right font style that stands out and is easy to read.

Don’t Use Copyright Image:

You made an excellent Fiverr image with accurate size and dimensions but used copyrighted material, be ready to receive a penalty email soon. Fiverr does not like it. Never use a copyrighted image in your Thumbnail. Some newbies download images of an existing seller’s gig and upload them to their own gig as a gig image. Never ever do this. There are many accessible free sources to download high-quality images and make your image by editing it on Canva or Photoshop.

The list of some Free Image Resources are as follows

Don’t ClickBait:

Clickbait images may bring some clicks to your Fiverr Service, but it can cause permanent suspension of your Fiverr Account. Fiverr has strict rules for misleading or suspicious sellers. In this way, you can lose an excellent opportunity to generate thousands of dollars as a freelance.

Use Relevant Images:

Always use relevant images in your Fiverr Gig Thumbnail. Take some time to use the image wisely. Irrelevant or misleading images can rank down your Fiverr Gig SEO.

Don’t Use Badge or Certificate on The Image:

Regardless of what level you have gained in Fiverr, you can’t show your level badge or certificate in your Fiverr Gig Image. It is against the TOCs of Fiverr.


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