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How To Create A Youtube Channel And Make Money – Step By Step Guide

How To Create A Youtube Channel And Make Money – Step By Step Video Guide

Introduction & Motivation

The first YouTube training video is here. This is an introduction and motivation. Watch it carefully. Many need such motivation to get started.
Everything else will be explained in a very good way.

1. A Big “Why”

Youtube Training Part-1
**A Big WHY**

It is very important to know some basic things about any field before you enter it; otherwise, you will not be able to conquer this field. Today is the first part of YouTube training covering some very important things.

2. Mindset and Goal Setting

Youtube Training Part-2
**Mindset and Goal Setting**
In this part of the training, we will set our minds and future goals. We will understand how to build your brand on YouTube and what are the benefits of it, on what terms YouTube will participate in our partner program, and at what frequency we will upload our videos.
All of these things will help you to work consistently and tirelessly.

3. Tools Needed

Youtube Training Part-3
**Tools Needed**
In this video, we’ll discuss in detail which tools you need to manage and which tools you can use.

Tools you need to start a Youtube channel

You need only 2 things to start your journey

  1. Mobile Or Computer (Laptop/Desktop)
  2. Internet
  • Editing Software
  • Canva or adobe photoshop
  • Green Screen (Optional)

When You Need Only Mobile 

If you want to make a channel about vlogs, daily life, simple tips, and tricks, how to use mobile applications, cooking channel, General issues, motivation, etc etc.

  • Use any software like inshot, KineMaster, etc

When You Need a Computer (Laptop/Desktop) 

If you want to make a channel about teaching something that can be run only on the computer like graphics, professional video editing, content writing, mobile application or website creation, software creation, etc.

  • Use any software like Camtasia, Filmora, adobe premiere

Once you’ve decided, you can then install a video editing app/software on your machine.

4. Topic Research

Youtube Training Part-4
**Topic Research**
To find the best niche and the topic on that niche you can search this string on google
list of…..
you can fill the above-dotted line with anything like hobbies, plays, plants, dog breed etc
for example, you can write on google
list of hobbies
How To Create A Youtube Channel And Make Money
Search Topic With This Method

Many results will appear on Google’s page, you will have to click on the link which points to Wikipedia as Wikipedia will offer you all the topics in depth.

  • You can use any of the below words to get a wide range of topic ideas for your youtube channel
  • News
  • Beauty tips
  • Cooking
  • General knowledge
  • Diseases
  • Storytelling
  • Business ideas
  • Vlogs
  • Daily life activity
  • Village info
  • Old memories,
  • Poetry
  • History
  • Games recording
  • Game hacks
  • Unboxing
  • Roast
  • Mimicry
  • Movies/Drama review
There are millions of topics you can find this way.
After selecting one main topic you can then explore sub-topics in that category by using the same method.

5. Channel Creation

Youtube Training Part-5
**Channel Creation**

6. Video Creation (Editing On Computer)

Youtube Training Part-6 (A)
**Video Creation**

7. Video Creation ( Editing With Mobile)

Youtube Training Part-6 (B)
**Video Creation**

8. Video Creation (Content Finding, SlideShow, Free Image/Music/Video)

Youtube Training Part-6 (C)
**Video Creation**

While making Youtube videos, you will need many resources like music, images, and videos according to your video needs.

Here are a few resources to get free images and videos

Google Search (Creative Common)

how to find free music for youtube videosTo get free audio/music.


Below are some Free audio resources you can use in your videos.

1- Open, click on creator studio, click on Audio Library, and select any track y

ou want and download.

2- NCS Channel

There is a youtube channel named NCS that provides free music.

3- You can also search “Copyright free music” on Youtube. Don’t forget to give credits where needed.

9. Video SEO

Youtube Training Part-8 
**Video SEO**

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