How To Create News Channel With AI
How To Create News Channel With AI

How To Create News Channel With AI

How To Create News Channel With AI

The rapid landscaping of technology and media is emerging with the powerful tools of artificial intelligence. The rise of AI revolutionized many industries that seemed like a miracle in the blink of an eye. Even the journalism industry is astonished by this latest and updated technology.

Al removes the ordinary interest operations and develops them to the next level. Now, you can create your imagination in reality. Like creating videos with a fake facial expression that looks life. Real. Even the function of the news channel is being in process and onair with complete information and streamlined process. However, this article will discuss using AI to create news channels.

Introduction To AI

How To Create News Channel With AI
How To Create News Channel With AI

AI stands for artificial intelligence and is one of the most informative and rapidly advanced fields in modern technology. The machine is rooted in human-like intelligence. It can create and function in any face expression and text generation. The other surprising fact is voice generating. AI is a powerful tool and can make or produce voice-over for a given command.


For example, you may see the news channels using AI technology. A new anchor read the news. The shown character in the information is not accurate. It is the creation of AI. On the other hand, the journey of AI spans from theoretical concepts in the mind to today’s practical application.

Main Reasons To Use

AI plays a leading role in earning money. How does it happen? Expert uses this powerful tool for their content and publish it on the website. The rapid processes give them the same feedback. On the other hand, AI is becoming the primary function of every IT-related organization because it is possible to have more opportunities for earnings.

How To Create News Channel With AI

How To Create News Channel With AI
How To Create News Channel With AI

AI is working in advanced learning and data-enabling systems. It can make prediction decisions without explicit programs; AI aims to create a machine for learning perspective and network operations. At the same time, the use of AI is simple. With the help of artificial intelligence, many expert are creating and operating their business. In which social media is at the top.

For instance, they generate article text, voice, animated video and news channels. If you are searching for how to create news changes with AI, then be ready for the details.

Here, we will show how to use AI to create news channels. All you need is to follow the below steps.

Define your niche, the selected name or the content on which you will use AI.

The Process To Do

  • Generating AI News Anchor Image
  • Create Voice Without Speaking
  • Create AI Video
  • Downloading Intro
  • Where Can Downloading Intro Background Music For News
  • Editing The AI Created Video


Please analyse the existing AI-generated video. You have to see their web traffic that can be estimated for the viewer option. It would help if you explored whether the selected niche is a top trend of success for earning purposes, like many AI-generated news channels circulated on Google. When you tap on the viewer section, how many people have watched that video will be shown. This step will clear the idea of earning through AI-generating content.

Do AI Generating Video Monetize

The simple answer is, Of course. Each AI-generated video is monetised, especially on YouTube. The expert creates more content in less time and posts it on their websites like YouTube. If you make an AI video in one minute and post it on YouTube, the viewer will prefer your content to watch if it provides enough information. Let’s start the AI video generation.

What Should You Do

How To Create News Channel With AI
How To Create News Channel With AI

Grab your gadget and ensure that your internet is secure. Turn on the Chrom Brower and Desktop sit mode one. Then go to the site and tap on the three dots on the right side of Chrome. Look at the desktop site option and turn on it. Then go to the website of Leonardo. AI. Because your first step is creating an AI news anchor image.

So open the website and go to the direct search option. There, you will see the collection of images. Remember that to use any online service, users have to get permission. That is possible by signing in or logging in to the required website. On the other hand, to get the news anchor image for your news channel, you have to sign in to the Leonar.AI website.

There, you will see that almost 150 images can be used daily. So, you have the free option to generate AI images for any purpose. To create the image, click on the image generation option. A little bar will be open for writing the prom. You have to write the main description for which you need the image. For instance,

  • Pakistani Women News Anchor With Studio.
  • You can change the prom for your requirement, like Men image
  • On the right side, you will see the Generate button
  • Click on the Generate button and get your image.
  • Click on the download option and get your AI image.

If you do not like the generated image, you can tap again on the Generate button for other photos.

The Next Step Is Creating A Voice Without Speaking

How To Create News Channel With AI
How To Create News Channel With AI

Now, you have to generate a voice for the image without speaking. To do this, go to the chrome and tap NARAKEET.COM website. When you open the website, scroll down. There are a lot of options that can be seen. But consider your needs and see

  • The option of Converting Text To speech
  • Click on the Try Now button
  • A language option will be open
  • Select your language type
  • There will be a voice-type option will be open
  • Select the voice type like Male or Female Voice
  • See the script option right there
  • Write the news that you are going to use
  • For news script, you have to go to the Pakistani News.Com
  • Many news templates or ongoing news blocks will appear
  • Select any liked news block and Copy the written part of the news
  • Past on the Script option in AI
  • Then Click on the Credit Voice
  • After Some seconds, your scripted voice  will be generated
  • Now download the button And save your generated voice

Create AI Video

How To Create News Channel With AI
How To Create News Channel With AI

Now, it’s time to generate your news video via AI technology, for this got to the other website, HEYGEN. Here again, you need

  • to sing up
  • Click on the Aatart button
  • See the collection of avatar
  • The above button is Complete
  • Click on the template button and see the news section
  • Click on the news section
  • Use your generated image in the video
  • For this, tap on the upload, talking image, and
  • When your image shows
  • Click the related template and tap on the landscape image
  • Click on the taking photo
  • Now upload your audio by clicking on the Audio option
  • Click on the submit button
  • After unloading the video, see the download button and get your AI video

Download The Intro ANd Background Music

How To Create News Channel With AI
How To Create News Channel With AI
  • Go to the HEYGEN and
  • Click on the template button
  • Scroll down and tap on the See All
  • News related temple will be open
  • Click on any desired intro template
  • Click on the three-dot
  • Tap on the download and get the intro

Background Music

  • Go to the YouTube Library
  • Search News Room News
  • Download the background music without any description


How To Create News Channel With AI
How To Create News Channel With AI
  • Use any editing application
  • Open the app, then click on Create new
  • Select on the 16:9 aspect
  • Click on the Create button
  • Go to the image asset
  • Select any image
  • Click on the layer option
  • Tap on the media option
  • Start by clicking on the Intro
  • Again, click on the Layer option
  • Tap on the Media option
  • Upload your downloaded video
  • Reset all the video
  • For voice, tap on the Audio option
  • Select the downloaded audio and tap on the Plus sign

For background images, you can get the Image Downloader application. Then go to the search option and write Green Screen TV PNG. Now select any desired PNG and download it. Again, search for the related image to set in the news videos and get in the library. Remember always to use topic-related images.

To set the image in the video, go to again the Layer option and upload the desired image in the video. Set the image on the video screen. To remove the green PNG, tap on the TV option, click the Chroma key and enable it. After that, select the green image in the line bar and take as long as you want.

On the other hand, if you want to add other images. Go to the Layer option, click the media button, tap the three dots on the left side, and now click Send Back. Repeat the step for every image. Now, locate the arrow button on the corner of the video. Download the video and use it on your content.




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