How To Start Urdu Blogging
How To Start Urdu Blogging

How To Start Urdu Blogging

How To Start Urdu Blogging

Urdu blogging is becoming common nowadays. Being a simple and native language, people can write more in Urdu. This is the main reason for its popularity. Urdu blogging is workable for many fields, like news, entertainment, and education. Most of the students cannot get things. So, they tend to take help in Urdu. Many teachers are giving online classes and courses via Urdu blogging. On the other hand, many Pakistani companies are working with their Urdu blogs to promote products and services.

Similarly, you can also do Urdu blogging in simple steps. Most people in Pakistan want to learn how to do Urdu blogging. Some basic steps and information will be mentioned here. You can get help and start Urdu blogging.

How To Start Urdu Blogging

How To Start Urdu Blogging
How To Start Urdu Blogging

Urdu Blogging

Urdu blogging is an online platform that allows you to publish data. You have to create a website to work with Urdu blogs. The process includes web hosting and domain. WordPress is installed to create Urdu blogs. The person who works with Urdu blogs is called a blogger. People use Urdu blogging for many purposes.

As told earlier, Urdu blogs promote products, information, news, educational purposes, etc. People also use Urdu blogging to advertise some items. The primary and best way to create Urdu blogging is to earn money online. You can earn passive income, but before that, you must learn how to blog in Urdu.

What Is Urdu Blogging

How To Start Urdu Blogging
How To Start Urdu Blogging

It works the same as other simple blogs online. But the word comes from Web Logs. Which means refers to a personal online diary. You can use it by personal choices, like language and people. However, the random personal dairy is limited to specific people to know. At the same time, Urdu blogging is processed worldwide. Anyone from any side of the world can see and get links from your Urdu Blogs.

Because it is an online platform that allows you to lay out the general public to read your blogs, there are a lot of personal choices to add to Urdu blogs, like news, product descriptions, images, and videos about many things. So, doing all the above processes is known as Urdu blogging.

How To Create A Blog In Urdu

How To Start Urdu Blogging
How To Start Urdu Blogging

After getting the actual meaning of Urdu, blogging next is about creating it. There is no difficulty in starting and working on it. You have primary skills like typing and content understanding. The rest of the process is easy. Different blogs and websites are rooming on the internet.

Like Tumbler and One of the best WordPress is an easy, comfortable, and famous website to create a blog. You have to get help from WordPress. Here are some necessary steps you have to take to create an Urdu blog.

  • Go to the Urdu blogging website.
  • Click on Design or create a blog
  • For domain hosting, contact the Hosting Companies in Pakistan
  • There, you have to choose a blog-hosting

So, this is how you can create an Urdu blog.

How To Start Urdu Blogging

How To Start Urdu Blogging
How To Start Urdu Blogging

Urdu Articles Websites

Urdu article websites are best to work with them. In Pakistan, the best online article-writing websites provide all the information. These online platforms give you opportunities to write and publish your views. The process is easy and authentic, even if you want to create your website in earning ways. Article writing website will give you the best experience. There are plenty of writing websites that help you to create great content. Some popular article-writing websites are the following.

  • Hmari Web
  • My Urdu Stuff
  • Urdu Article. Pk
  • Fiverr
  • Pub HTML
  • Up Work
  • Google Sites

All provide the best way to create and write online articles.

Urdu Blog Stories

How To Start Urdu Blogging
How To Start Urdu Blogging

Urdu blog stories are really simple and exciting tasks. Most students do it, but Urdu bloggers also pay attention to publishing online stories. There are many topics you can find for writing Urdu stories. For example, if you are working with Fiverr for Urdu Blogs, Then there are different posts required to write and publish Urdu blog stories. The contents are,

  • Short and educational topics
  • Urdu Blogs
  • Short scripts
  • For clients to ads purposes
  • Motivational stories

Above are examples of Urdu Blog stories. Many people post their interest-related Urdu stories. At the same time, there are many topics by which you can post different stories. People on Urdu stories websites post their interest in stories to educate people about them. Most of the topics are information-related. Whose people like and ask more about posting Urdu stories?

 Fiverr is a great place for publishing Urdu stories. The blogger posts the titles of stories, and the customer contacts them and assigns them regarding the Urdu blog stories project.

More About Urdu Bloggs Articles

How To Start Urdu Blogging
How To Start Urdu Blogging

The online Urdu blog websites have various clients. Not only this, there is a proper procedure that you have to follow. Creating and registering is one of them. Before joining this website, it is crucial to have an online presence. If you are running your website, then well and good. On the other hand, the other process is mentioned above. The article or Urdu blog story requirements are mentioned on the main website of Urdu blogging. Like,

  • Article for 300 words
  • The payment will be 1,18 per article
  • Delivery in two or three days

So, this is all the process of Urdu blogging.


How To Start Urdu Blogging has a valid answer now. You can start and earn real income by doing Urdu blogging. This field is interesting and productive. If you are a student, it is a great chance to earn and learn simultaneously. At the same time, adults must avail this opportunity to earn online. Urdu blogging is the best to do online work.






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