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Profitable Small Business Ideas In Pakistan

Small Business Ideas

Here is a detailed list of profitable Small Business Ideas in Pakistan. We update the list regularly so you are welcome to visit our site regularly to know the business ideas with low or high investment. Some of our discussed businesses cost zero investment to start and some require a little investment to set up.

According to the new foreign policy of Pakistan, there are many things regarding business has been changed. There is a high potential for large or small businesses and all types of businesses now have many opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs and business starters.
Below is a large list of all kinds of possible businesses that can be started on a large or low scale depending on our available budget. You can read, start one of these businesses and can grow with your consistent hard work.

We also provide possible available resources (e.g contact numbers of suppliers or wholesalers, video, motivation, how to start a business, new rising business ideas) of those businesses so you could be able to contact them and start a business with the comfort of your own home.

As a business starter, before starting a new business we need to know some following important factors.

  1. Comprehensive market research and feasibility report
  2.  A business plan to start your business
  3. Good available name of your business
  4. Licenses and permits
  5. Cost to start the business
  6. Marketing plan and advertisement ideas

Once you have all these things into consideration, you can now start your business.

The list of small business ideas in Pakistan with low investment is here.

Top Small Business Ideas In Pakistan With Low Investment

1. Dairy Business:
 We all love fresh and pure milk. Dairy business in Pakistan is one of the most profitable and evergreen business. You can start with a few cows and then grow simultaneously by increasing the number of cows from your profit.
2. Chicken Farming:
 Chicken farming is another great idea if you have a location and some investment.
3. Goat Farming:
If you can invest for a few months then goat trading and goat farming is a good option to get profits.
4. Fish Farming:
If you have some space in your home or in fields then you can start fish farming.
5. LPG Gas Home Delivery:
 LPG small unit doesn’t cost much to start. You can start this business by placing your visiting cards in all house of your city. People will contact you whenever they will run out of the gas.
6. Online Coth Business:
To start online cloth business you don’t need to rent a shop. You can start this business from your home. Get some great cloth collection and stream live on youtube or facebook.
You can also use Facebook groups and pages to the instant promotion of your cloths. People will see your designs, stuff and then they will order you to send them as a COD. Use any courier service to deliver their orders.
7. Toy Store:
 The toy store is also a profitable small business in Pakistan. Children always force their parents to purchase them the toy if they see any interesting thing in stores.
8. Transportation Business:
If you have a bike, rikshaw, Bolan, high-roof or something like that, you can successfully start a transportation business in your city.
See Transportation Business Idea In the Urdu Language
9. Chicken Biryani Business:
The chicken biryani business in Pakistan is really an awesome and profitable low investment business idea. You can rent a shop or start a little stall in front of any shop by getting their permission.
10. Shawarma Point:
Shawarma business is a very running business, especially in the evening time. This business can be started under 100,000 Rupees.
11. Burger Point:
The burger is a four-season fast food. A simple burger stall can generate handsome money for you.
12. Goal Gappy Cart:
 Goal gappy business cart is the best idea if you don’t have much money.
13. Samosa And Pakora Shop:
Samosa and Pakora is the cultural part of our food. you can find a lot of shops and carts selling samosa and pakora. You can too start this business. You need to know some related skills before starting this business.
14. Home Tuition Business:
If you can deliver lectures then the home tuition business idea is great for you.
15. Academy:
If you can arrange the building and teachers then you should open an academy for students. Its a great profession as well as a profitable business.
16. Tea Stall Business:
A tea stall is a great and evergreen business in Pakistan. People are making thousands of money with the help of this business. If you can provide quality tea, you can earn thousands of rupees each day.

Watch the tea business video in Urdu to know the profit of this business.

17. Morning Paratha Business:

Paratha service in the morning is a short and profitable business idea if you have a low investment.

18. Chawal Choly Business:

You might see a crowd of people surrounding Nan Chany carts or shops in the morning. Chawal Choly or Nan Choly ( Nan Channy) business is a very successful business in Pakistan. People doing this business are making thousands of rupees per day.

19. Car Wash Business:

You can open a car wash shop anywhere in the read to give a car wash service. It can be started under 200,000 Rupees and can generate a full-time income.

20. Bike Maintenance and Puncture Service:

Here in Pakistan, 7,500 new bikes hit roads daily in Pakistan. In other words, 7,500 bikes are being sold daily. When these bikes run on the road and often get broken, punctured and need maintenance. So, If you are a mechanic or can arrange a good mechanic this bike maintenance and puncture service idea is best for you.

21. Grocery Home Delivery Service:

If you have a very low investment then you can start this amazing profitable service. You just need to print some brochures and visiting cards and then distribute them to all homes in your city. Soon, You will start getting calls to deliver various kinds of things.

Watch Grocery Home Delivery Service Business Idea In Urdu


22. Motorcycle GPS and Security Device:

There are thousands of motorcycles in each city. Almost every mature person has a motorbike. You can sell this security device to the motorcycle owners to get secure their bikes.

The following are some benefits if they buy this security device for their vehicles. Its cheap and price and has a lot of benefits.

  • Location Finder  ( you can find the location of your bike with a simple short message
  • Ignition On Alert ( You will get a message on your phone if someone tries to start it)
  • Area Locator ( You can add area limit if your bike will leave that area you will get a msg. Its the best service to keep an eye on your children or drivers)
  • Speed Locator ( You can set a speed limit, if your bike cross the set speed you will get a msg)
  • Touch security ( If someone will touch your bike it will send you a vibration msg)
  • One Message to On/Off Engion ( You can turn off your bike/car engine with the help of a short message)
  • Battery Off Alarm ( If someone tries to cut the battery wire or your battery is dead then you will get an alert message on your mobile.


Watch The Full Function Of This Device In Urdu


23. Catering Service:

you can start your catering service business.

24. Marriage Planner:

You can become a marriage planner. People having some creativity can do this business and it is one of those businesses that can be started with low investment. You just need to provide your visiting card to the people to contact you in the time of need.

25. Property Dealing:

This is one of the profitable businesses that can be started with one table and chair only. You will contact the people who want to buy or sell their homes, plots or property and bring them clients who are willing to buy.

26. Welding Business:

A small welding unit can bring you a lot of clients every day. it will cost you to have some welding experience and a small welding unit ( available under 10,000 in the market). You can rent a shop or simply start a home delivery maintenance service.

27. Pakwan Center:

If you are a good cook and have a taste in your recipes then the Pakwan Center business is probably for you.

28. Ice-Cream Business:

Ice-cream business is a 4 season business idea. It sells a lot in the Summer season but also keeps getting customers in the Winter season too.

29. Hair Salon:

A hair salon for men is best for you if you are a skilled hairdresser.

30. Laundry Business:

You can also start a laundry business in your city.

31. Mobile Repairing and Accessories:

If you have some capital and have a piece of good knowledge of the mobiles, then you should set up a mobile accessories/repairing shop.

32. House Rent:

If you have a spare house or a spare room in your house then you can rent it out to the outsiders and make a reasonable monthly income.

33. Chicken Shop:

Chicken is a need of every home. The chicken shop is the best idea to start a small business in Pakistan. You can start it by purchasing a few hens and then you cal scale it by the time.

34. Battery Reconditioning Business:

There are some battery reconditioning services in Pakistan out there. You can start your own battery reconditioning service. A powder or liquid is available to pour into the batteries that extend the life of the battery for many more months.




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