What Are The Boya Mic Prices In Pakistan?

What Are The Boya Mic Prices In Pakistan?

What Are The Boya Mic Prices In Pakistan?

What Are The Boya Mic Prices In Pakistan?
What Are The Boya Mic Prices In Pakistan?

Digital gadgets provide a solution to the communication process. Now voice recording and conveying is more comfortable than in the past years. Boya mic is one of them. It enhances the quality of speech and gives a professional way. Boya mic is not only used for speaking purposes as a tool in video editing. In Pakistan, you can get it from an accessory store or online store.

You can get it in different varieties. If you are a YouTuber, then Boya mic is the best choice for you. Just buy it and use it in video editing.

On the other hand, there are different types of body mics. Prices vary according to the kind of boya mic. Here are the further details mentioned.

What Are The Boya Mic Prices In Pakistan?

Specification Of Boya Mic

It is an electronic device used for voice purposes. To make better sound quality, people tend to buy it. This tiny device is easy to carry. Because it is lightweight, it can attach to Pc, cameras, laptops, smartphones, and audio records. Boya mic is ideal for beginners. If you want to make standstill videos, then boya mic will help you. You can record a single video on a podcast with this equipment.


Boya mic has the following best features.

  • it is an Omni directional microphone
  • It has full 360-degree coverage
  • 6-meter cable
  • 5mm 4 golden plug
  • It can handle noise low
  • Clip-on mic for Dslr, cameras, and smartphone
  • Clip for windscreen

What Are The Boya Mic Prices In Pakistan?

As told earlier, boya mic prices are different according to their type. In general, boya mic is available in Pakistan for 1399 Rup. The online store will give you a discount of about 33% on buying from the website. That is a great deal to get. On the other hand, you can buy it from Pakistan gadget stores nearby you.

Boya Wireless Mic Price In Pakistan

What Are The Boya Mic Prices In Pakistan?
What Are The Boya Mic Prices In Pakistan?

This device is incredible, and there is no tension between wires and cables to plug in. Boya wireless mic is available at a reasonable price in Pakistan. Same you can order it from an online store. Boy’s wireless mic is working by Bluetooth system. It can transmit from a distance of up to 65. It is more reliable and easy to use.

Moreover, it is run on battery. That can be charged and work for 4-5 hours. The compact receiver directly plugs into your recording device.

So you can move freely while performing a presentation. Just clip on your cloth or keep them in your pocket. The boy wireless system delivers reliable transmission. A charging case includes recharging the battery and transporting your equipment. The actual price of a boya wireless mic in Pakistan is 22,300 rupees. It is available with one year warranty.

Boya MM1 Mic Price In Pakistan

It is a cardio microphone. Boya MMI is specially designed to provide the best sound quality. You can get it from online sources. Just click on the description, and detail will be given there. Make your video more convenient by using this device. It is used by plugging in the pc or any other voice recorder device. In Pakistan, you can get in 2,499 rupees.

What Are The Boya Mic Prices In Pakistan?

Boya Mic mm1 Price In Pakistan

This device is also used to enhance voice quality. It is a cardio microphone. The exciting thing is that boya mm1 includes both TRC and TRRS output cables. It is used with smartphones, cameras, pc, and laptops. An exclusive offer is available in Pakistan about boya mm1. You can get it at the price of 1,900 rupees. it has the following features,

  • TRC and TRRS cables
  • Attach With a quality voice
  • Best price available
  • Camcorders, audio recorder
  • Improves the sound quality of videos
  • Cash on delivery

Boya Collar Mic Price In Pakistan

A professional collar mic makes it sound better. You can attach this mic to the collar and do your work freely. The wires are so comfortable that they fit easily in clothes. Now it is the available price of 2,199 rupees. With a discount of 56%, it is a great deal to get. Please buy it from an online store and enjoy the discount. it has the following magical features,

  • It is included a label clip
  • Foam windscreen 1/4 adapter
  • It is best for YouTube and other video recording
  • The length of the mic is 6 cm
  • High-quality condenser
  • Lavalier microphone
  • It can be used with all device

What Are The Boya Mic Prices In Pakistan?

Mc Price In Pakistan

Mics are used for better sound quality and built-in microphones. Every mic works for different purposes. There are wireless microphones, attached mics, Bluetooth mics, and many others. So, prices in Pakistan also vary according to their types. Like,

  • A wireless loud mic has a cost of 1,099 rupees
  • Remax RB S5 wireless mic has a cost of 1,640 rupees
  • Boya collar mic 2,199 rupee
  • The original BM- 800 condenser mic set has a price of 9,500 rupees

Boya Mic Price In Pakistan OLX


Boya mic you can get from OLX. click on the desired microphone type and get the order at your doorstep. Boya mic prices also vary in Pakistan OLX. Like Boya Microphone is available at 1,850 rupees. While other types’ prices fluctuate accordingly. Moreover, the best features of the boya mic on Pakistan OLX are,

  • Omni-directional polar pattern
  • It has a flat frequency response
  • Boya mic is worked with cameras, smartphones, pc, and computers
  • One button switch between the camera and smartphone
  • 6-meter length cable available with set

Boya mic has benefits for live streaming, podcasting, and making ideal vlogs. It has a custom high-quality Omni directional capsule. So the creators can record audio perfectly. The two recording modes make the boya mic more special. You can register by using different scenarios at a time. On the other hand, every essential accessory is included in the set.


How To Connect Boya m1 To Pc?

If your Pc has a separate input, use an adaptor or a TRR to mic the adaptor. Otherwise, you can directly plug in the mic in one socket.

How To Connect Boya m1 Mic To Laptop?

Attach the mic to your clothing, and move all the switches on the power pack to turn off the smartphone. Plug the m1 connector into the audio jack of your laptop. Then open the audio app and start recording.

How To Use Boya m1 Mic On Mobile?

When you use boya m1 on mobile, installing the battery is not necessary. Just plug it in the laptop and jack. Attach the microphone to the cloth. Switch the power pack to a smartphone. Plug and connect the audio jack to the mobile phone. Open the audio-only or video app to record.

Why is Boya Mic Not Working In Mobile?

Because it is designed for laptops and pc, you can use it on mobile with other attachments.

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