Array Atomic WordPress Theme
Array Atomic WordPress Theme

Array Atomic WordPress Theme

The internet has a plethora of theme collections. That presents various features for different websites. The user gets their desired theme and starts functioning their website more efficiently. The source of this theme comes from different platforms. On the other hand, it is essential to apply the latest theme. So, websites can perform better and get SEO better.

Similarly, WordPress offers a collection of themes and plugins that can be gained for free—for instance, Array wordpress theme. The available features and demos are amazingly perfect for an online presence. However, here are further details are presented about this topic.

What Are Array Theme

Array Atomic WordPress Theme
Array Atomic WordPress Theme

The Array is a WordPress theme with more features and options. It is specifically designed for online websites and web pages. The theme presents a collection of ready-to-use templates, plugins, and styles. Mainly, it is used for enterprise websites. Users get the approach and create online profiles, portfolios, blog posts, and other tasks.

All this is possible with the templates and demos offered. Array allows users to create an eCommerce website with commercial enterprise web pages. Including atomic sites makes it possible to do the rest of the functions automatically. With the help of Array wordpress theme, the issue of creating professional and high-performance websites has vanished.


Array Atomic WordPress Theme
Array Atomic WordPress Theme

Arryay WordPress themes are multipurpose themes. They are used for creating and building modern business websites. It also allows you to create an online portfolio for the enterprise business and eCommerce websites. This powerful wordpress theme offers astonishing features. As mentioned below.

Collection Of Home Page

Array theme offers stylish and trendy home page collections. It can turn your website into a whole new appearance. The atomic font abilities enable you to use material and templates. This will allow you to showcase your online profile in more professional ways. On the other hand, the theme arranges a homepage setup that will enable users to select any imagery home page template for their website.

Bold Header

Array Atomic WordPress Theme
Array Atomic WordPress Theme

Creating a website is the only task for online business. If you are running eCommerce sites, it is essential to have a suitable appearance on the website—for instance, the header so your clients can get a clear idea. At the same time, Array presents a beautiful, bold header with its atomic features. Now, you can decide the image size, introductory text header, plain header, background colors, and many other features.

Projects Portfolio

Showcase of ongoing services is the primary purpose of the WordPress theme. On the other hand, the Array theme enables you to appear and lis your projects professionally. The gallery collection lets users choose the desired style according to their projects. For instance,

  • Photographers
  • Designers
  • Artists
  • Web creators
  • Video graphics
  • Studio online tasks

Array theme auspiciously supports media-related work and enables you to present uniquely.

Team Pages

Array Atomic WordPress Theme
Array Atomic WordPress Theme

Now, you can share your portfolio and task with group members or individuals. Array group pages are available to use on time. This media-sharing feature allows you to share images, hyperlinks, and templates. Your website will be shown as a central part that can be customized according to your needs.

Exhibit Assignment

In simple words, showcase your purchase testimonial. Here, you can exhibit the assignment that your client has approved. So, other visitors would be attracted and prefer to become your customers.

Theme Collection

Array theme offers you an alternate theme by choosing the suitable one. Now, you can install the desired theme for your website. The atomic features appropriately set the theme collection according to your personalized taste. It will assist you in creating an entirely new website with available templates and options.


Array Atomic WordPress Theme
Array Atomic WordPress Theme

This free-to-download WordPress theme fully supports WooCommerce. It offers a free and extendable WooCommerce feature that allows you to sell anything online. Not only this, but you can promote anything you will sell because the theme provides complete control over all properties and development. With a handy setup, you can do settings on the website with any option.

Other Special Features

  • All types of design
  • Customize websites with a theme
  • Work-related plugins
  • Documentation
  • Ready to translate

Array Atomic WordPress Theme Demo

Array Atomic WordPress Theme
Array Atomic WordPress Theme

The Array is part of the WordPress Engine family. That offers a complete setup for the eCommerce and enterprise websites. It is built on the world’s most popular theme framework. That makes those functions more accessible and customized. The interlinking specialing with the Atomics Block and Engine family makes this platform more reasonable.

On the other hand, the collection of ready-to-use demos allows you to install them in just one click. Moreover, thousands of trusted clients who are busy creating and developing beautiful websites use the Array WordPress theme.

What Special

Array Atomic WordPress Theme
Array Atomic WordPress Theme

Although every feature in the theme is unique, the main reason for the popularity of the Array theme is its offers. : Like,

  • Atomic blocks
  • Library of beautiful collections
  • Responsive and customized blocs from Gutenberg
  • Other special elements

So, this is how you can create a professional page without using codes.

Array Optimization

The theme offers you a flexible, featured design. That allows you to optimize the website according to the devices. This theme works efficiently on each type of device, like desktops, laptops, and mobiles. Because some online tasks take place on different devices, it is excellent if your website has smooth and high performance on every device. Similarly, Array optimizes your website and operates on running devices. All pages are purposely optimized according to the device. For instance,

  • Font size
  • Image
  • Navigation
  • Page Pattern

These options will give visitors a great user experience.


Array theme offers the best user interface. They come with easy and instant templates. On the other hand, typography is one of the elegant features. The atomic ability presents a clean and unique typography experience to the users.

Dashboard Things

Array Atomic WordPress Theme
Array Atomic WordPress Theme

Get started with a rapid dashboard setup when you have installed the Array theme on the website. All the features and options can be enabled from the Dashboard appearance, which allows you to do quick settings. You can follow the following button or feature on the website.

  • Assist files
  • Browse faqs
  • Theme updates

The quick setting will sort out many things. This WordPress theme download has advanced plugins and a theme. That allows you to create or build beautiful web pages for your online business.





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