Egg Business Idea in Pakistan - Report on Expense & Profit
egg business

Egg Business Idea In Pakistan

The Profitable World of Egg Business in Pakistan

Everyone wants a Good Business Idea to start his business for livelihood. A business that can give high profit with low investment could be the favorite for the business starters.

Here, we’ll talk about a great business that can be started only in a couple of thousands, and the return on investment is just excellent. You can start getting profit from your first day. Yes, It’s an Egg Business.

Egg business can be started in many ways; I will describe some good ideas here.

  • Egg Business as an egg farmer
  • Egg Business as a whole seller
  • Egg Business as a retailer
  • Boild Egg Selling in Winters

Egg farming:

egg business

Egg farming has long been a cornerstone of agriculture in Pakistan, offering a stable source of income for many farmers across the country. This article aims to shed light on the different types of egg businesses, associated expenses, and potential profits in simple terms.

Types of Egg Farming:

Backyard Poultry Farms:

These are small-scale operations often found in rural areas. Minimal investment is required, making them accessible to many. Expenses include feed, housing, and basic healthcare.

Commercial Layer Farms:

Larger scale operations with dedicated facilities for egg production. Specialized breeds and controlled environments for optimal egg laying. Higher initial investment, covering land, infrastructure, and technology.

Free-Range and Organic Farms:

Focus on natural and humane practices, providing better living conditions for the hens. Requires more space and attention to welfare, leading to slightly higher expenses.

Expenses in Egg Farming:


Most of the expenses go towards high-quality feed to ensure healthy egg production.

Housing and Equipment:

Depending on the scale, costs range from basic coop construction to sophisticated climate-controlled facilities.


Labor costs include feeding, cleaning, and monitoring the flock.


Vaccines, supplements, and occasional veterinary visits are essential for maintaining a healthy flock.


Electricity, water, and heating (in colder regions) are necessary for a comfortable environment.

Transport and Marketing:

If applicable, costs for packaging, transportation, and marketing of eggs.

Profits in Egg Farming:


Revenue is generated from the sale of eggs, which varies based on location, quality, and marketing.

Profit Margins:

Profit margins can be substantial, especially in well-managed commercial operations.

Market Demand:

The consistent demand for eggs in Pakistan ensures a reliable market for egg farmers.

Scale and Efficiency:

Larger, well-managed farms tend to have higher profit margins due to economies of scale and better operational efficiency.


Some farmers also explore value-added products like processed eggs or specialty breeds to increase profitability.

Egg farming in Pakistan offers diverse opportunities, from small-scale backyard farms to large-scale commercial operations. While expenses vary depending on the type and scale of the operation, with careful planning and management, egg farming can be a profitable venture. By understanding the nuances of this business, aspiring egg farmers can embark on a journey that supports their livelihood and contributes to the country’s agriculture sector.


Start the egg business as a whole seller

egg business

A wholesaler in the egg business buys eggs in large quantities directly from egg farms. They then sell these eggs to retailers, restaurants, and other businesses in smaller amounts.


 They act as a middleman, helping to distribute eggs efficiently to different outlets.


Wholesalers invest in storage facilities, transportation, and sometimes packaging. They also need to negotiate prices with farms for bulk purchases.

Let’s discuss the 2nd category with the possible minimum investment and the profit.

To start an egg business this way, you need

A motorcycle or pickup to deliver the orders

of almost 30,000 Pkr to purchase the first 10 patti

As the winter season has started, the rate of 360 eggs packing is about Rs.2800, and it will be raised soon due to cool weather conditions here in Pakistan.

We call 360 eggs a Paiti (or Peti). A paiti contains 360 eggs in it, and an Egg Crate has 30 eggs in it. There are 12 crates in a Paiti.

You can successfully start a wholesale business with only 10 paiti. The cost of ten Paiti, according to the recent price, is 28000. The sale price of one paiti to shopkeepers is about 3000. It means you can get a net profit of 200 against the sale of one party.

It is very easy to sell 10 patti daily because there is a high demand for Eggs in the market. If you could sell 10 patti each day, then your net profit would be Pkr.2000, and believe me, It is a great business start.

You can increase your earnings by selling to more and more shopkeepers. You can also successfully target all burger shops, bakeries, shops, malls, burger points, small or large hotels, etc. They could be your permanent egg buyers.

With the sale of only 10 egg paiti, you can make Rs.2000 daily or 60,000 Pkr per month. 

You can start selling by yourself, or if you have a big investment, you can hire some boys for the delivery and marketing of the product.


Their profits come from the margin between the farm purchasing price and the retail selling price.


Start the egg business as a retailer

egg business

A retailer is a business or individual that sells eggs directly to consumers. This can include small local shops, supermarkets, and even street vendors.


Retailers purchase eggs from wholesalers or sometimes directly from farms. They then display and sell them to customers at a markup.


Retailers invest in refrigeration, storage, and display units. They may also have costs related to renting or owning a retail space.

Let’s talk about the 3rd way: “Start the egg business as a retailer.”

If you don’t want to visit a shop to shop and need more capital to start the egg business as a wholesaler, then you can sell eggs by renting a shop in the market.

To start an egg business this way, you need

A low-rent shop somewhere in the market ( rent may vary according to the area)

5-7 thousand Rupees to get some stock

It depends on your area and luck how many eggs you can sell.


Their profits come from the difference between the wholesale price and the price they sell to consumers.

Boiled Egg Business:

Start as a boiled egg seller

egg business

This business specializes in preparing and selling ready-to-eat boiled eggs. They can be sold at stalls, street vendors, or dedicated shops.


Boiled egg businesses buy raw eggs from farms or wholesalers. They then cook, peel, and often season the eggs before selling them to customers.


This type of business requires equipment for boiling, peeling, and sometimes seasoning the eggs. They also need to invest in packaging and a sales location.

For this method, you don’t need a high investment. With your hard work, you can start with a few hundred and then increase the business over time.

To start an egg business this way, you need

A cooler to store eggs ( It will keep eggs warm)

A few hundred Rupees to get some dozen eggs to get started.

If you can visit the street by street from the evening to the night time, then you can make more than 1500 Pkr per day with this method.

At the start, get only 30 eggs ( A crate), boil them, and put them in the cooler. You’ll be able to get it up to Rs.9/egg and the sale Rs.20.

So, after selling every 30 eggs, you will be able to earn more than 300 Pkr, and then by the time you can increase your daily boiled egg consumption.


Profits come from the difference between the cost of raw eggs, preparation expenses, and the selling price of the boiled eggs.


In Pakistan, all these types of egg businesses play vital roles in ensuring a steady supply of eggs to consumers. Each has its own set of expenses and potential profits, making them viable options for different types of entrepreneurs.

The Egg Business in Pakistan plays a vital role in providing nutritious food to people across the country. It’s a significant part of agriculture and contributes to the livelihoods of many farmers. With the increasing demand for eggs, the industry has opportunities for growth and improvement. However, challenges like disease control and market fluctuations need to be addressed. Overall, the egg business Idea holds promise for both economic development and ensuring food security in Pakistan.


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