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How To Start Biryani Business In Pakistan

biryani business in Pakistan business idea

How To Start Biryani Business In Pakistan

So, you want to start a Biryani business and wondering How To Start Biryani Business In Pakistan, right? Biryani business Idea is one of the most profitable business ideas in Pakistan. Everyone likes to eat Biryani.

You can start it at a high level and a low level as well.

  • A high-level biryani setup means you can rent a big shop and decorate it to make an excellent environment for your visitors.
  • Low grade means you can even place your stall at the front of any shop and start selling.

We want to encourage people to start their business and do not have much investment, so we’ll talk about the second option.

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Things You Need To Start A Simple Biryani Setup:

  1. A shop or a place in front of any shop
  2. A few plates, A big spoon
  3. Some packing material for delivery
  4. An amount of 6 thousand

Step 1.

Try to rent a shop, and if you can’t arrange the shop, you can then talk to any shop owner in any market. You can get his permission to place your little stall in front of his shop. When you get a place successfully, you can proceed further.

Step 2.

Go to any Pakwan centre in your city. talk to them then friendly and ask how much money they will take if you get them all ingredients of Biryani. After knowing the labour price of cooking biryani, write down all the necessary ingredients you are supposed to bring to the cook to cook.

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Let’s do some possible calculation

Here we’ll show you the calculations of 10 Kg Biryani, but you can start with 5 kg if you want.

Purchase 10 kg of good rice ( ask your cook which kind of rice he would like to use) and purchase 10 kilograms of chicken. 10 Kg rice will cost you Rs.1200, and 10 kg chicken will cost you almost Rs.2500. Purchase all remaining ingredients like Ghee, vegetables, and all spices ( Garam Masala), etc. These things will cost you around 1200-1300.

All the stuff will cost you about 5000 Pakistani Rupees.

Give all the stuff to the cook and ask him to get ready the Biryani.

10 kg or Biryani will produce 100 plates. Let say you will get only 90 plates to be on the safe side.

Now, Sell one plate at the price of Rs.80 with One chicken piece.

The full-Plate chicken biryani is available around Rs.150/plate, but you will give it Rs.80/plate. This will get more biryani lovers to your stall, and you will sell all the Biryani in a few hours. InshAllah.


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Now, there will be 90 plates in total.

1 plate= Rs.80

90 Plates*80= Rs 7200

So, the total sale will be 7200, and the total cost will be 5000 approximately.

Profit: Sale – Cost

Profit: 7200-5000

Profit: Rs. 2200

Take above 200 for salad, and you will end up having a net profit of 2000 per day.

Net profit: Rs.2000/Day


After a successful selling of 10 kg biryani, you can increase the quantity of rice and the selling time.

I wish you the very best of luck with this business. Work hard, and one day you will be successful in your business.









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  1. Ammar says:

    Sir, your idea is very good and helpful. Can you suggest me from where can I find a kitchen space to cook the biryani? As there is no space in my house. Looking for suggestions in Karachi

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