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How To Earn Money From Website

How To Earn Money From Website

Hi beautiful people. Here I am going to reveal the secret of how to earn money from the website.

I use to say websites ” Money Generating Machines” and it is quite right. A website can generate thousands of dollars if you post high-quality articles on it and able to bring some traffic to your blog.

To earn from the website you have to understand the procedure. It’s not an overnight millionaire program. It’s a business and like all other businesses you have to give proper time and attention to your website.

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The Following Are The Key Points To Earn Money From Website

  1. Buy a Domain Name
  2. Buy A Hosting   (Click Here use coupon code USMANALISUPPORT for 7% EXTRA discount)
  3. Attach The Domain And The Hosting
  4. Install WordPress
  5. Setup The Theme and categories
  6. Star uploading Articles
  7. Get Approval From Adsense
  8. Get Paid

Confused? Please don’t get confused. Below, I will explain each and everything and believe me it is not that difficult as many of us assume. I will get you through all the procedures and at the end of this article, you will be able to make your own successful website to earn money.

Watch the video in Urdu/Hindi language on how to make money from website.

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Getting started from the first thing first.

1. Buy A Domain Name:

To get started, your first goal is to get a domain name. You can select any domain name that you like. For example I purchased this domain ””. the name in quotation marks is a domain name. If you are willing to show your website especially in a specific country then you should buy a country domain ending with pk for Pakistan or in for India and us for the USA.

If you want to target all over the world then you should buy a .com domain.

So cutting the fluff, just assume that you want to get a domain of “”.

Now, is your domain name. You can use any registrar like Namecheap or GoDaddy to buy your desired domain name. If your desired domain name is not taken by any other one yet then they will issue that domain name to you. Now you got your domain name. Let’s proceed further.

2. Buy A Hosting:

Now you have to buy a hosting plan. You can get hosting from Hostinger, Bluehost, Namecheap or siteground. for $10 to $100 for the whole year.

3. Attach The Domain And The Hosting:

Now you have a domain name and hosting. To make a website you need to connect your domain name with your hosting. Every hosting provides a unique code. Don’t worry, you will find that code in your hosting setting easily. Copy that code or codes (if they are more than one or two) open your domain setting and place those codes in your DNS section. There will be a custom domain name field to put those codes.

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Now you got your domain and hosting connected. ( It might take 1 hour to 48 hours some time to set up properly)

4. Install WordPress:

There are many other CMS ( content management systems) where you can build your website but WordPress is widely used and easy to use. Go to your hosting and open your Cpanel provided by the hosting. Open the website installer, select your domain name and install WordPress.

5. Setup The Theme And Categories:

Now you will see a blank page, open your website by the link provided at the end of the theme installation page. That link will carry you to the backend panel of your website where you can post the articles and make other desired changes.

Go to Appearance and then click on themes. Click on a new theme and select any theme you like from the gallery.

Then set up some categories that you have decided to write articles.

6. Start Writing And Uploading The Articles:

Now you need to write at least 40 articles and each article should be fully readable and SEO optimized. The word count of each article should be a minimum of 500 or above.

7. Get Approval From Adsense:

Adsense is a set up of Google where they deal to show their ads on different websites and Youtube channels.

After writing more than 40 great articles you can apply for Google Adsense. If your website looks good and you have written good articles, they will approve your website and your website will start showing google ads.

8. Get Paid:

After approval of Adsense, your website will start showing the ads from Google. If your articles were good then some of your articles should be ranked on Google automatically. With the help of those articles, you will get some traffic and when someone clicks on the Google ads you get paid.

I hope you have got your answer on How To Earn Money From Website.

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You get paid for the ad clicks and for 1000 visiting also. You can see your earning in the Google Adsense account. Google releases the earning once you get a sum of $100 minimum.

You can withdraw your money from any Western Union office.

If you still have any questions about how to earn from the website you can get in touch with me by commenting on this post. I will be happy to help you out.

You can also visit my Youtube Channel or Facebook page.


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