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How To Set Auto Replies On WhatsApp

Set Auto Replies On WhatsApp

Nowadays WhatsApp can help you in your starting business. Almost every mobile user has Whatsapp installed on his/her mobile phone. So, The wise step is to use technology for your benefits instead of entertainment.

Although, Whatsapp business has a few auto-reply features, but these are not enough if you want to get benefits for your business advertisement purpose.

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There is a cool application in the Google Play store that can set all the necessary settings for you.

How To Set Auto Replies On Whatsapp:

This app will work with simple WhatsApp as well with the Business Whatsapp. With the help of this android app, you can set a unique reply and can respond faster to your clients/friends. Download this great Whatsapp bot and start getting benefits. You can download it for free and you don’t need to pay something for it.

Salient Features And Advantages:

  • React to all messages when you are not available
  • Send answers to the specifically asked questions
  • You can adjust individual replies
  • Auto reply to WhatsApp basic app or WhatsApp business.
  • Instant answers with your location, time or date.
  • Automatic schedule with the desired delay.
  • It will not affect on your last seen.
  • It is a beta app and soon will be available with a lot of more benefits.


It has two plans

  • Continuously Plan – You can choose this plan if you are away and can’t reply to your messages.
  • Custom Plan: If you are away for a specific interval of time. If someone writes you at that time, This will trigger the autoreply.

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You can select the settings according to your business hours. You can set your desired replies and away messages to respond to your clients in a nice manner.

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