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5 Ways To Use WhatsApp For Your Business

5 Ways To Use WhatsApp For Your Business

Our world population is about 7.7 billion. Out of 7.7 billion, there are almost 1.5 Billion monthly active users of WhatsApp. This is about 20% of the whole world’s population that uses WhatsApp in their mobile phones and devices.

So, the WhatsApp can be proved as a great source to increase the response rate. With a high response rate, you can increase the leads or sales of your business. Normally, People don’t like to listen to phone calls from unknown numbers but they are more likely to respond to their WhatsApp messages. Whatsapp is now become the most popular application to send messages and to share their pictures and videos.

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You can also take the benefit of the Whatsapp in your business. It is good for large businesses as well as the perfect for small business owners.

The following are the 5 creative ways to use WhatsApp for your business


1. Use WhatsApp For Business Promotion:

Here is the main benefit that you can take from WhatsApp. You can start promoting your business with the help of this great application. It will be really a good start if you create a brief introduction and an inspirational vision of your product and then send it to all of your WhatsApp or business contacts.

5 best ways to use whatsapp for your business

They will check faster, they will respond faster. You can also engage with you by asking some little questions about their needs or about your newly launched products.

2. Use Whatsapp For Customer Communication:

Whatsapp is the best choice if you want to engage your customers with your products. You can respond to your customers in several ways. For example, if you have sent a quotation to one of your customers and have not heard from him then you can simply send him a reminder about that. People are more intend to give replies to their WhatsApp messages than replying to their emails.

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Also, If you have launched a new product then you can send an overview of your product with a few key features to create curiosity. I personally have noticed the increased engagement rate in my business due to the WhatsApp.


 3. Use Whatsapp For Customer Support:

Although choosing WhatsApp for customer support could not be the best pick for most of the specific businesses. But, It is good for small or rising businesses. Whatsapp is a handy application and has a wider reach. You can discuss various things about your business to your returning customers and can give them quick customer support to make them happy. This is the best way out of 5 Ways To Use WhatsApp For Your Business.

4. Use Whatsapp For Your Team:

You can manage all the visuals and texts with your team members. You can get their live location to track them or you can create a quick video stream for a short presentation or meeting without having them in your office physically.

 5. Use AutoReplies And Tags:

With the help of WhatsApp, you can use auto-replies to respond to your client’s messages in the fastest way.

how to use whatssapp for business

This facility is only available in Whatsapp Business You can Click Here to get WhatsApp Business if not yet installed on your mobile phone. This will bring a lot of trust and orders if you respond to a query as quickly as possible.

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Furthermore, you can assign different types of tags and place your contacts in different groups or broadcast lists to send them daily greetings. This will create brand awareness in your client’s mind and he will start recognizing that you are the best and trusting person for any specific brand or product.

I hope these 5 Ways To Use WhatsApp For Your Business will increase your business and you will surely get some more sales than earlier.



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