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Small Business Ideas | Peanut Business Idea With Low Investment

Peanut Business Idea With Low Investment

Peanut business idea is one of the small business ideas in Pakistan. Many venders are doing it and earning a lot of money from this business.

One of a vendor doing this business in my street is selling 15-20 kg roasted peanuts per day. He is making 2000-3000 daily profit from this little business.

Let’s take a look at the purchase and sale rate of the peanut.

At the wholesale rate, the raw peanut is available only in Rs.150/kg ( a little variation could be there in rates due to the demand and weather conditions).

You get peanut in Rs.150/kg and the sale price is 300/kg minimum.

Watch this business idea in the Urdu language


Suppose if you are able to sell only 20 kg of peanut daily and every 1 kg makes Rs.150 in profit then the 20 kg will give you the net profit of Rs.3000 per day.

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The results are not typical, you can make a sum of profit less than the described profit or even more than this. Its all up to your marketing skills and the profit margin you want to take per kg or per 40 kg.

Let’s take a look at the sale price of different sellers on Daraz

usman ali support business ideas of peanut

They are successfully selling the raw Peanut (also known as mong phali in native language)

in the double price of the original cost. You can review the rates and give them some lower rates to make more customers.

Once your service has some reviews from the customers, your sale increases suddenly. You can use Daraz and other sites to sell your product as well.

The Facebook pages can prove to be a great source to generates a lot of orders. You can get quick responses if you are posting daily with updated rates and pics.

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The second way is to start this business to start the roasted peanut business. If you do not want to sell peanuts by standing in front of your stall. You can hire any jobless person for your stall and can give him some money from your earned profit.


This business needs 10 to 12 thousand to start at a small level but if you can invest more money, you can get it at a more cheaper rate from the wholesale market.



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